The completion of projects which result into structural changes in the operations of private companies or public institutions, requires a meticulous organization and programming. ICAP has extensive experience in project management in both the public and the private sector. Moreover, it has developed extensive know-how in managing, organizing and evaluating programs and actions directly or indirectly linked to the European Union (CSF/NSRF). Our company is a pioneer in this field, and continues to be a key player in the provision of these services, not only in Greece but also in Southeastern Europe.

Our Services

  • Technical Support to Public Sector Organizations and Institutions which Implement European Union Co-financed Projects and Actions
  • Design of Management and Audit Systems
  • Audit of Final Beneficiaries and ProjectsEvaluation of Programs and Initiatives
  • Program and Project Management
  • Development of Action Specialization Studies
  • Participation in the Execution of Projects co-financed by the European Union